Under this name we present a Trade Structure to supply any needs for the Agri-food Industry.

It provides the Industrial with:

  • A complete range of nut products from our growers: with skin, skinned, semi-processed and processed for industrial use.
  • A Quality Department focused on maintaining the highest quality standards. Quality is the responsibility of all the workers in the group.
  • A Marketing team whose work is the creation of campaigns to promote the benefits of nut consumption.

Our organitzations owns the next certificates:


ISO 22000 logoISO_9001CCPAEKosher-Parve-1-LogoMadridFinalv-labelfda-ucm218078


ISO 22000 logoISO_9001CCPAE Kosher-Parve-1-LogoMadridFinalfda-ucm218078

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