Services for the grower

Personal assesment: information, questions and doubts.

  • We have an Information and Advice service. We are available throughout the country, working to help you to become more competitive in the orchard. Contact us by e-mail to / or by telephone numbers 977 300 510 / 977 313 262.

Nut grower Interesting Information.

  • We provide the most important information in the agricultural sector: Policy, related information to the sector, pest and treatments, etc. Also, you can find all the information and services on /

Conferences and events.

We conduct seminars and Events divided into:
  • News – Conferences that explain all the news that as growers should know: New Laws and regulations, aids, reform of regulations…
  • Technical – These sessions are intended to give training to assist in the day to day operation. They include various topics such as: Enviroment, pruning training, treatments, irrigation,…

Marketing of Crops

Harvest buy management.

  • We handle all the paperwork needed to complete the transaction.

Harvest conditioning to market.

  • Our warehouses are responsible for drying, sorting, grading and cleaning the product to make it ready for sale.

Warehousing and crops storage.

  • Our warehouses are equipped to ensure the best conditions of conservation for the crops.

Marketing harvest.

  • A commercial team ensures marketing partners crops.

Grants and Subsidies application and management

  • We prepare and handle the PAC/DUN of all crops on your farms.
  • We request agroambientals aids and others,with tracking of all actions and commitments involved.
  • We manage single payment entitlements.
  • We take care of the reports and claims to SIGPAC (Sistema de Información Geográfica de Identificación de Parcelas Agrícolas).
  • We transact appeals against payment refusals, solve incidents arising from aid applications, etc.

Advice on plantations of Nuts

Our technical team will gather the necessary information about the plantation and will be responsible for making a proper approach.

  • Soil Analysis
  • Plantation and pollinators election.
  • Different tree varieties election and sells from our own nursery with guaranteed quality.
  • Pruning advice.
  • Design and irrigation scheduling.
  • Fertilization program considering soil, leaves and wáter results of our own analytical lab.
  • Pest monitoring, treatment recommendation and pest sales.
  • Advice on organic growing, integrated production, etc.

Engineering Service

  • Agricultural projoects study and development.
  • Agribusiness management on farms.
  • Agricultural Technical Certificates.
  • Ratings and agricultural expertise.

Insurance Mediation

We advise you on agricultural holdings insurance.

Free audit of insurance policies contracted.

  • Optimize your annual insurance expenditura.
  • Our consultants compile the necessary information about the operation, review the current insurance and offer information on the best suited insurance product.

Procurement insurance for farms.

  • Our managers will advise on the best insurance alternative that best suits in the needs of your farm.

Claim statements and any insurance associated process.

  • Out technicians are qualified and collegiate to appraise any appraisal conflict.

Environmental and energetic consulting

Environmental advice service.

  • Solve your queries on regulatory aspects and environmental management. Organic growing, integrated production, Km0, etc.

Environmental manager.

  • A technician will perform all procedures related to the environment and agricultural security. The technician regularly visits the country yards and advises on which treatments and products should be used. He is responsable for opening and maintenance the farm register and manages the required paperwork.

Productivity improvement and management consulting.

  • We conduct feasibility studies for holdings. Food traceability.
  • We establish work plans that will improve the teams and farm performance.

Energy and natural resources consultancy.

  • We conducted surveys and audits of irrigation systems and electricity consumption in order to minimize consumption and identify potencial energy bills savings. We work to control resources and energy consumption and its efficiency. Ask us about renewable energy.
  • Preliminary study, analysis of bills and actions proposals.

Training services and Human Resources

Management training.

  • We are seminars organizer entity. Specialized in delivery workshops and training sessions in the field.
  • Continuosly, we develope training and workshops.

Human resources Outsourcing.

  • Our experts comprehensively manage HR `policies. We will Help in selection, evaluation and recruitment.


  • We offer you experts to assist and advise you about HR management.


Legal Services

We advise on any question and doubts about the different legal areas and basic queries.

Labor area.

  • Continued legal advice service.

Civil area.

  • Court negotiations and agreements drafting, comercial contracts advice and drafting. Legal proceedings: civil and commercial matters.

Administrative law area.

  • Administrative proceedings advice and processing in front of the authorities, institutions and public bodies. Administrative Complaints. Administrative sanctions, contentious-administrative court proceedings.


Partner exclusive discounts

Many of our services offer significant discounts to our partners.