El Campo of Crisolar offers a journey through Spain and its almond yards.

A place where you can observe the culture evolution of different almond varieties in the main producing areas of Spain.



ZONA NORTE (North Area).

This zone covers the areas ranging the Ebro river Valley and inland basins of Catalonia, and extends from “La Rioja” to the Mediterranean sea. Its considered the coolest growing area, with the later blooms and the last to be collected.

ZONA LEVANTE (Levante Area).

Strip of the Mediterranean coast and Balearic islands, this almond producing area is narrow and elongated. In this growing area fail the storms of Atlantic ocean, so the annual rainfall is scarce, irregular and are torrential rains that favor soil erosion . The proximity to the Mediterranean sea moderates temperatures throughout the year.

ZONA CENTRO (Middle Area).

Spanish central plateau that includes the high and middle sections of Tajo, Guadiana, Jucar and Segura rivers. The almond production area does not exceed 1000m altitude. Growing area with harsh winters, hot summers, summer drought, strong fluctuations and a high temperature range.

ZONA SUR (South Area).

Southern lands of Spain between the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean. The almond-producing area has an average annual temperature above 16ºC. It is considered the warmer growing area, with early blooms and is the first to be collected.

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