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Crisolar offers the food industry a wide range of products. To highlight the products of our associated growers from Spain. A complete line of products; with skin, skinned, semi-processed and processed for industrial use.

Our collaborators are focused on ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, order after order. Dedication, knowledge and professionalism are the tools of our team.

From our fields to the table

Our growers tree-nuts have their origin on the Spanish Mediterranean littoral region, from Catalonia and Aragon, passing by the Balearic Islands, Valencia, Castilla La Mancha, Albacete, Murcia and Andalusia. Since the Roman era, these lands, because of their wealth of nutrients and the Mediterranean climate, have been populated by nut trees.

A long tradition of cultivation gives us exceptional nuts: a healthy food with beneficial properties for the health of our consumers.

Crisolar is the largest group in Spain dedicated to the cultivation and processing of nuts. We have more than 141,000ha of crops and approximately 28,000 associated growers. In this way we are able to control the entire production chain, from the plantation to the processing, thus having the ability to ensure the quality of the product at every stage, from field to table.

We care about our planet and its future; since the earth is the livelihood of our sector and the future of our descendants, our social commitment and with the environment is straightforward.

We are growers and our satisfaction lies in being able to deliver high quality products to the families; healthy products with a touch of authenticity that gives us our Mediterranean climate. But we are not only concerned about the field and farm productivity, we also care about the qualitative results of the crops and for that reason we invest in the best technology that enables us to guarantee the required quality parameters and to keep the established quality standards.

With the idea of facilitating our customers’ work and assisting in promoting the consumption of nuts, our organization has a marketing team which aims to inform and educate consumers about the health benefits of incorporating nuts in their diet.

Our mission:

  • Securing the commercialization of our growers’ crops and being able to guarantee to our customers the supply of a product with a plus of quality and with all the food guarantees.
  • Responsibility with the environment.
  • Encouraging the nut consumption and communicating their benefits to the health.

Sustainable agriculture

New technologies and tradition

Taking care of the land, its health and the productive capacity of the crops is a variable that we can never rule out. It is for this reason that we use sustainable agricultural practices such as irrigation efficiency and bio-rational pest control.

We grow and harvest using the most efficient methods for our fields.

We collaborate with Development Centres and Universities in order to develop varieties and systems that improve the quality and the production of crops by reducing damage to the field.

Crisolar is concerned about good praxis in the countryside and for that reason we organize training sessions of fertilization, pruning, treatments and agri-food security.

The harvest

Gathering the nuts

At the present time we are benefited by the new technologies which allow us to be more efficient and ensure the quality of the process and the nut.

On the other hand, we respect and follow what tradition dictates, the harvesting has to be done when the field indicates, neither before nor after.

Harvest is the peak of our campaign. Harvest, transport and storage will affect the quality of the nut. For this reason, in each phase we carry out analyses to determine the health of the nut.

Optimum storage conditions allow us to guarantee service to consumers at any time of the year.

The processing

Processing the nut

We have receiving centres and our own processing plants for the nuts. All of them are equipped with the latest technology to date; thus, it guarantees top efficiency in the selection, grading and packaging.

We have more than 50,000m2 with laser vision selection and hyper spectral machines, calibrating machines …In this way we can guarantee

Quality and Food Security

We process our products in separate centres in order to eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination. Our Quality Departments are focused on maintaining the highest quality standards of the nuts. Quality is the responsibility of all the employees of the group.

Our responsibility concerning quality can be summarized as follows:

  • Test and analysis of the product at the reception of the goods.
  • Each receiving and processing centre/plant has a Food Quality Manager
  • We have the ISO accreditation and Kosher certification…
  • We have a prevention and pest control program and internal audits, we also have external staff that audits our work.

We are aware of the responsibility that entails working with food products and that is why we take the necessary measures to assure the quality and safety of our nuts.

Marketing and sales

With the idea of promoting the consumption nuts, our organization has established a marketing team in charge of creating campaigns to inform the public about the benefits to health of consuming nuts. We will give support to all our customers who want to differentiate themselves by marketing our nuts and supporting the work of our growers.

In addition, we collaborate with public and private entities and universities dedicated to the research on the benefits of nut consumption.

Our competitive advantage:

  • Dimension: 28,175 partners and 141,360 ha of crops. XX receiving warehouses and XXX own processing centres. We also have XXXX collaborators.
  • Origin: We commercialize the crops of our associated growers of the Spanish Mediterranean Coast
  • Quality: IFS, ISO22000 FSSC 22000
  • Sustainability: Caring about our planet’s health.
  • Food security: Monitoring the food chain from the field to the transformer.
  • Marketing: Promoting nut consumption and their benefits to the human body.