The MISSION allows us to be clear about who we are and we do. TO EXIST?

Ensuring harvests marketing of our members and ensure the supply of materials to our customers first.
Encourage the use of nuts among consumers as a means of improving their overall health.


VISION allows us to have a roadmap, a course set. Marks a target. WHAT WE WANT TO BE?

Our goal is to be a leader of the Spanish grown nuts basing our management on the values ​​of commitment, professionalism and adaptability.

Sharing the benefits of eating nuts among Spanish society.


The VALUES define the set of principles and rules that govern our management. HOW ARE WE? IN THAT WE BELIEVE?

Commitment. For our associates, customers and employees. Commitment to all people.

Professionalism. Our experience, together with the study and comprehensive knowledge of the business allows us to assess in an objective and integral and offer a quality service that meets the needs of any individual.

Adaptability. Through innovation and process improvement, both agricultural, industrial and services. thus being able to ensure quality standards in continuous improvement.