Crisolar has a vast assortment of almond varieties: Marcona, Largueta, Valencia, Guara, Vairo, Ferragnes, Constanti, Marinade … selected sizes and conventional or blanching, manufactured almonds for greater industrial comfort.

largueta marcona Valencia
‘LARGUETA’ almond shelled
The nut of this variety has excellent quality and appearance (good shape and attractive color), with a predominance of high sizes.
‘MARCONA’ almond shelled
The most prized variety from the commercial point of view, being unique in its taste and quality.
‘VALENCIA’ almond shelled
The ‘Valencias’ name includes other varieties, being the most representative ‘Guara’, ‘Masbovera’, ‘Glorieta’, ‘Vayro’ and ‘Constanti’ among Spanish varieties.