• Almonds from Crisolar’s members orchards.
  • Native hazelnuts from Tarragona.
  • Walnuts from Poblet estate: ‘La Mateta’ (Tarragona).

OWN ALMOND Tree (Nurseries)

At Crisolar we put at your disposal our certified nurseries according to ISO 9001, of almond seedlings.

We offer you a grafted plant with different varieties of almond tree (Prunus Amygdalus) on a hybrid pattern GF-677: Almond X Peach.

Grain product

Almonds from Spain. We offer you the possibility of acquiring the best quality dried fruits in kernel, natural or blanched, organic or conventional. From local production and sustainable character. organic almonds are certified by NOP-USDA and RCE CEE 834/07.

Our tasty tree nuts are born from sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture and this is reflected in the qualities of our product.

We are endorsed by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification, in the same way, we are proud to say that we are one of the Spanish entities committed to the sustainable use of water and the water footprint that make up EsAgua.

Even the last almond borders on perfection, thanks to being part of the Go Group (The Operational Group “Bitter Almond Detection and Eradication”) which guarantees the elimination of bitter almonds.

Crisolar is the first tree nut grower organization to obtain the “bee friendly” certificate for some of its orchards.



en CO2 y PASTEURIZADOS para evitar las insectaciones


We offer a wide range of industrialized products from the best nuts, obviously, from our growers farms. Blanched, sliced, diced, sticks, ground, pastes, creams and beverages are some of the processed products that we offer.

All phases of the production process are taken care of, from cultivation to the customer’s hands. We care about keeping our foodstuffs in the best conditions, improving all the parameters that achieve perfect storage. In addition, we guarantee to supply the merchandise vacuum packed and injected in CO2 to avoid infestations.

Other products

In addition, we have a partnership with Nectina plant, that produces food products from our tree nuts. Among those products we highlight the beverages of almond, hazelnut or walnut, unsweetened or with cocoa, and the almond cream base. Products that can be consumed on their own or used to prepare many food recip.

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Crisolar accredits its commitment to the excellence of its products in quality control in all phases of the production chain, from the receipt of the merchandise by our associates, the analysis and verification of its status before passing the processed and packed.

This exhaustive quality examination has allowed us to obtain multiple accreditations that endorse the prestige of our dried and processed fruits and endorse them as safe foods, complying with the world food safety protocol.