CRISOLAR is the group of Organizations of Agrarian Producers, Crisol de frutos secos SAT y Arboreto SAT Ltda, as such we are aware that human and technical quality is essential for the development of our activity in Almonds, Hazelnuts and other Tree Nuts.

The Food Safety and Quality Management system is based on the following Principles:

  • Identification of the needs and requirements of the Organization.
  • Compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Process performance efficiency.
  • Establishment of a dynamic of Continuous Improvement.

CRISOLAR’s Management establishes that the company’s food quality and safety policy must pursue the following Objectives:

  • Offer nuts in the quantity, quality, presentation and size that are adjusted to the characteristics and demands of the client.
  • Have an organization capable of guaranteeing compliance with both its organizational and production responsibilities..
  • Guarantee the biosecurity and innocuousness of the products.
  • Maintain the level of knowledge of its employees in order to be at the technological forefront of the products offered by the company.
  • Guarantee that our products and the company comply with the reference standard and are in accordance with the regulations and standards applicable to our sector.
  • It is committed to measuring and improving the degree of satisfaction of its customers.
  • It is committed to measuring and improving the degree of safety of the food it offers.


CRISOLAR is the group of Organizations of Agrarian Producers Crisol de frutos secos SAT y Arboreto SAT Ltda, as such we are aware that human and technical quality is essential for the development of our activity in dried fruits.

Crisolar considers the value of integrity as an essential element in the way of doing business. The Company is committed to conducting business ethically and honestly, free from any form of corruption or bribery. The Company strictly prohibits corruption and bribery in the way it does business, both in the private and public sectors.

Our Principles

The Company has zero tolerance when it comes to corruption and bribery and is firmly committed to doing business honestly and ethically. The Company is committed to carrying out all its activities in a legal manner. The General Management of the Company fully supports this policy and expects its full compliance.

The policy is applicable to all individuals, regardless of their position or level, who work for the Company, including without limitation, Directors, Directors, Managers, and in general any collaborator. This policy is applicable to any deal, contract or negotiation in all countries where the Company operates. Compliance with this policy is mandatory.

Forbidden activities

Improper benefits. Collaborators must not give, offer or promise (or attempt to give, offer or promise) directly or through third parties, anything of value to a Government Official, to a relative of the same, or to individuals with the intention of inducing them to use their position or power to assist the Company in obtaining an improper advantage.

Receipt of undue benefits. Collaborators must not request, require, accept or receive (or attempt to request, require, accept or receive) anything of value from a Government Official or a Private Party, for which in return, could result in an apparent and undue advantage for the Company or for the Collaborator himself. There is no acceptable amount for a bribe.

Any operation or conduct that could lead to a violation of this Policy must be immediately reported to the Legal Department.

For all this, CRISOLAR has a Food Quality and Safety department, which is in charge of maintaining order and periodically updating the Food Quality and Safety Policy and in turn responding to any changes that may arise to maintain control and analysis of these. In order to guarantee the availability of resources in the effective operation of the processes and of the Food Quality and Safety Management system, the Management has decided to delegate the responsibility, authority and freedom sufficient to ensure the optimal functioning of their work and updating of legal requirements.

And for all this, it takes the commitment to continuously improve efficiency and comply with the requirements of the Food Quality and Safety System.

Non-Retalation: Retaliation against anyone who honestly and in good faith reports misconduct or participates in an investigation of misconduct is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this provision may result in disciplinary action for the offender, including termination of the employment relationship.

Investigation of possible violations of the policy: Any conduct or event reported of possible violations of this Policy will be investigated in a timely and appropriate manner. Any complaint or report will be treated confidentially, to the extent possible. If once the investigation is completed, the Company concludes that there was a prohibited conduct, the Company will take the necessary corrective actions in a timely manner according to the circumstances of the case and the applicable law.

Donations The Company will not use donations as a means to cover up acts of corruption or bribery.