Crisolar offers hazelnuts within the D.O. Reus, Negreta and Pauetet, and Common variety hazelnuts. Making a selection of sizes and offering the possibility of purchasing semi-processed and processed ones for greater industrial convenience.




It is the most appreciated variety from a commercial point of view, for its excellent flavor and its ease of peeling once roasted. The grain has excellent properties and organoleptic characteristics to be used as an appetizer (snack) in different forms (toasted, fried, salted, raw, etc.) and as an ingredient in cakes, ice creams, sauces and various culinary preparations.



The name ‘Común’ encompasses the rest of the varieties, the most representative being: ‘Pauetet’, ‘Gironella’, ‘Morella’ and ‘Culplà’. Hazelnuts are a type of nut that, in addition to being highly appreciated as a snack, has multiple uses in the agri-food industry, appearing as an ingredient in multiple baking applications.



Crisolar accredits its commitment to the excellence of its products in quality control in all phases of the production chain, from the receipt of the merchandise by our associates, the analysis and verification of its status before passing the processed and packaged.

This exhaustive quality examination has allowed us to obtain multiple accreditations that guarantee the prestige of our nuts and processed fruits and endorse them as safe foods, complying with the global food safety protocol.